Admission Procedure

Managed by the public relations director Mr. Ibrahim Samaha, the Admissions Office is devoted to provide our patients with all the information they might need while making the admissions process as simple as possible.

Our admissions office is open 24/7 for emergency admissions. However,  it is open from Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm for elective admissions.

In order to proceed with the admission process, basic documents must be brought to the admissions office or filled there, these documents include:

  • A request for admission completed by the attending physician.
  •  Informed patient consent and warrant permission.
  • Patient identity card and contact information like address and phone number.
  • Insurance card if applicable.
  • Medical reports to be sent to third-party guarantors. Some are presented by the patient himself to the guarantor, and some are sent by the admission office personnel. 

Additional documents that are required for certain guarantors, that must be presented include:
  • Lebanese Army patients require a photocopy of the request for admission, with the medical report.
  • The application form for admission of patients covered by the mutual fund of the state employees can be found at the admission office. It is given to patients who don't have it.
  • Patients covered by Insurance Abroad can obtain "Claim-forms" which receptionists complete according to the medical report they present. This Claim-Form is then sent to the guarantors by fax or e-mail.
  • For patients covered by the Ministry of Public Health, the admission request is accepted only after being reviewed and signed for confirmation by the supervising doctor.